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JULY 30th, 2018 


Kittler Auditorium

@St. Benedict's Campus

3911 N Bell Ave.

Chicago, IL 60618

Are you ready to take on this next audition season? What about tackling BOTH music theater AND opera auditions? Janus is here to prepare you for both! Bring your materials- headshot, resume, aria book, music theater book, etc.- and workshop putting together the perfect audition to land that job.

Experts Matt Edmonds (local Chicago Equity actor) and Chaz'men Williams-Ali (international opera singer) will be working with participants on:
1) Repertoire
2) Binder/Music preparation 
3) Making cuts
4) Dress
5) Accompanist etiquette
6) Blocking, making an impact
7) Mock audition 

Sign up now to secure your spot! Though everyone will get to participate, we'll only have time for a handful of singers. Those who sign up to sing first get first dibs!

Hosted at Kittler Auditiorium in the St. Benedict's Campus

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