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OUr Plan of action

Updated June 16, 2020

Janus is currently composed of an all-white staff. We have drafted a plan of action to build our nonprofit organization and increase our diversity on our administrative staff, board, and artist base. It is our goal to both develop a stronger breadth of cultural understanding in our organization and increase our representation of our community. Though our list is by no means exhaustive, we’ve included resources we’re using to help expand our understanding and our business. We invite you to use these resources for your life or organization.


We recognize that as an all-white team, we do not have the experience or the tools to fully understand the black experience in this country. We are working to educate ourselves on white privilege, the black experience, systematic racism, intersectionality, and race within other movements, especially the LGBTQ and feminist movements. The resources we are using are not limited to, but include: 

We recognize that as an organization in its infancy, it is our job to develop as a conscientious and effective nonprofit institution. Our executive leadership is embarking on training to better understand the industry and our part in it as a business through certificate programs and nonprofit research. 


Financial StabilitY

Nonprofit institutions and especially theatre companies depend on income, both donated and earned, to produce our work and support our employees.

  • Our current operating budget is around $6000 per fiscal year, which allows us to produce 1 show, a workshop, and offer a very modest stipend to both our artists and small staff. It is our goal to increase that payment.

  • Our projection for the next fiscal year increases our budget to $17,000, which would allow us to produce 2 shows and offer double the amount of stipends to our staff and artists. More than a third of that prospective budget is attributed to artist and staff stipends.

  • Our current team is invested in our mission, and has the privilege of full time work and other means that allow them to work for our mission for very little money, if any at all. It is our executive team’s goal to compensate our staff and our artists fairly for their time. 

  • How we will do this: 

    • Produce 2 shows per season, increasing our revenue with a more trafficked venue and higher ticket prices.

    • Applying for more grants. 

    • Seeking out corporate and individual sponsorship.


Build our administrative team

  • With an increased budget, we can provide a competitive stipend to expand our team and increase our diversity. 

  • We would like to hire a person of color in the following artistic and administrative roles: 

    • Financial Officer/Advancement Director

    • Literary Manager/Dramaturg

    • Descriptions for these jobs will be forthcoming, and we will invest in an extensive search for people of color to fill these roles. 

  • As we grow as an institution, we will ideally add roles to our team and continue to prioritize diversity. 

Build our board

As a nonprofit organization, we function with board governance. Currently, our staff functions as our board, which is not a feasible long term solution. Our goal is to develop a board that is independent from our staff, with diversity as a priority. To do so, we will: 

  • Maintain low-cost buy-ins and dues. We do not want privilege and systemic poverty to affect anyone’s ability to serve on a nonprofit board. By maintaining a low financial commitment, we can expand the experience level of our board and de-couple income with board governance. 

  • Create the option to buy-in with volunteer hours instead of monetary commitment. 

  • Cast a wide net. There are many people who are unable to experience classical music and theater due to their community location, poverty, or education. We will invest in a search for board members from various backgrounds. 

  • Educate and learn together. We are a fledgling institution that has the opportunity to learn alongside our staff and board. We will provide resources to the best of our ability to give prospective board members the information they need to develop their skills and role in nonprofit governance. 



We will continue to invest in our mission to re-examine traditions in classical music and theater and tell old stories in new ways. We are committed to reflecting the diversity of our community on our stages and in our creative and administrative staff. We will continue to re-examine classical pieces and present our audiences with new perspectives.